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PUBG Lite PC is a shortened version of a survival game named PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG Lite was initially tested in Thailand. It was called PUBG Project Thai.

Over a successful year, PUBG is competing a lot with lighter and free games like Fortnite or ROS. Therefore, Bluehole determined to develop a PUBG edition for PC, which must be light and free. It is the reason why we have PUBG Lite Download at present. It is the result of PUBG Project Thai which was checked in Thailand at the end of last year.

According to a PUBG Lite new update, it will appear in India in Beta Test and prepare for testing in a few Southeast Asian countries on its route. PUBG Lite India Release Date will be revealed soon.

For the mobile platform, PUBG owns unique graphics and gameplay. However, its configuration does not require too high like PC. So, the need to experience this game will be very much. Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile does not support old Android versions and work smoothly on low-end devices. Recently, Tencent Games has kicked off a product on the mobile platform, PUBG Mobile Lite. Besides, you cand find some tips to play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC with the official emulator by Tencent. If you are looking forward to PUBG Mobile Lite Release Date, you should not forget to look up the breaking news here!

Hopefully, with the release of PUBG Lite PC in 2019, Bluehole will regain some parts of the market from their rivals. The detailed information about how to download PUBG Lite on PC or the way to register will be updated constantly. Remember to follow!

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