All information about this version of PUBG Lite is most accurate on PUBG is an action survivor arena online game on various kinds of devices, which belongs to PUBG Corporation, a branch company under Bluehole company. PUBG Corporation’s head office is located in Seoul city, Korea. And here is the complete PUBG guides for you.

This game is based on the Mod version, which appeared as an Irish video game, designed by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene. And this game also has inspiration from a Japanese movie – “Battle Royale”. Later PUBG was expanded into a complete full game under Greene’s direction and a Korean game developer Changan Kim – CEO of PUBG Corporation. information: when was PUBG Lite released?

The first early version of PUBG was played on steam and released in March 2017. A full version appeared later in December 2017, console version, and Xbox one version at the end of 2017. Since then, this game has increasingly developed and eventually became one of the most famous arena games globally. After that, Tencent and PUBG corporation cooperated and launched PUBG Mobile Lite APK in 2018.

Now you can play PUBG on PC, console, Xbox one and especially on your mobile phone. If you are fearful that your phone couldn’t tolerate the heavy vivid 3D visuals or the unique, thrilling, and critical battles. And worry not, PUBG Lite is the one for you! it was developed for players with low-end devices to have the same experience as with PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Lite Map

How to play?

PUBG Lite is an action survivor arena online game on mobile. There will be a maximum of 100 players in one battle. Everyone will begin the same: skydiving from a helicopter randomly on an island, the area is about 8 kilometers x 8 kilometers. Make sure you chose the most suitable and safe place to land. This is because you won’t want to face off your enemies unarmed, dead players will be eliminated immediately, no mercy. No second chance, dead means the end. Players can choose between a third-person view or a first-person view. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on the player’s choice and playing style.

How To Play PUBG Lite

After players land on the ground, they will have to immediately go and find equipment for survival scattered all over the place like guns, clothes, knives… And even transports like cars, motorbikes, there is various kind of transports for players to chose. It sometimes might play an important role in some head-to-head battles. Or save you from a deadly situation when a player kills another player, the killers could take their victim’s equipment as a trophy. And it could help protect themselves better.

But don’t think you can hide and wait until other players kill each other and win an easy game. This is because, after a specific time, the safe zone will slowly and gradually shrink smaller, forcing all the players to face each other and fight. If a player can not run back to the safe zone in time, their blood will slowly be decreased. And they would die, meaning they would be eliminated, and that is no fun at all. The last one or the last team to survive will become the winner and get the greatest glory.

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