The super light version of PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile Lite has been officially launched by Tencent since August 9. Tencent is putting their effort into making this popular shooting survival game operatable and playable on low-end smartphones that are hard to meet the requirements of the full version with high configuration and capacity. With PUBG Mobile Lite Download – a game project that has never been published by Tencent, all gamers are able to get access to it on their own smartphones.

Besides playing PUBG Mobile Lite on smartphone devices, gamers are also able to check it out on PC. It will be so awesome when you can download PUBG Mobile Lite on PC. In addition, with the appearance of PUBG Mobile Lite APK, the game can be accessible on Android devices too.

Besides having a smaller capacity, PUBG Mobile Lite also owns many interesting and basic contents which make PUBG game more successful.

PUBG Mobile Lite Android is already released by Tencent for Android platform in several countries. The game is also available in India, and gamers can check out PUBG Mobile Lite India Release. For those who are using iOS devices, they have to wait for a while before they can experience it. However, it is still problematic a bit when experiencing PUBG Mobile Lite on Android due to the IP blocked in some countries. Therefore, you must check out the PUBG Mobile Lite download guide below to find out how to download and play the game without any problems.

How to download PUBG Mobile Lite on Android

Using APKpure application to download and install PUBG Mobile Lite Android

When you want to download and play games on Google Play that were released and limited in some countries, you always have to use APKpure application.

Step 1: Click buton below to download APKpure app

Step 2: Download PUBG Mobile Lite with APK file if PUBG Mobile Lite is not released in your country. Besides using the APK file, you are recommended to download the XAPK file. Click [here] to download XAPK file of PUBG Mobile Lite!

Step 3: After downloading the XAPK file, open the APKpure app on your phone to start installing PUBG Mobile Lite. Take a look at step 4 if the game is blocked in your country.

Select Custom DNS in DNS Changer to change the addresses for PUBG Mobile Lite

Step 4: You have to change your DNS address rather than faking IP like usual. You will have to download DNS Changer from your CH Play store.

Pick a DNS provider and install two new DNS addresses for PUBG Mobile Lite

Step 5: You must tap the “Custom DNS” section, then begin to change two DNS addresses. Then, you can select “Start”.

And that’s the end! Now, you can join PUBG Mobile Lite on your Android device even though the game is not released in your country yet. This can be the most possible way to do, instead of faking IP like other gamers are still doing but they cannot connect to the game server.

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