PUBG Mobile Lite is a survival shooting game which is a lighter version of the original PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Lite is designed for mobile devices with low configuration and it is also officially released with the Open Beta so everybody can download it from their CH Player stores or App Stores, even Indian players can get access to PUBG Mobile Lite India Open Beta as well.

You may have checked out many PUBG Mobile Lite Tips and Tricks to triumph over all of your enemies on the battlegrounds, but it seems to be never enough. To conquer the game, players must have a true grasp of using a wide range of arsenal of weapons that can be found around on the ground or in some crates. With PUBG Mobile Lite game, it is impossible not to mention a kind of dangerous weapon called RPG-7 which can give you an edge over your rivals if you know how to use it wisely. With this PUBG Mobile Lite guide below, you will be able to use PUBG Mobile RPG-7 to get into the top 1!

How To Get Into Top 1 Using RPG-7 In PUBG Mobile Lite

About PUBG Mobile Lite new weapon RPG-7

PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 is regarded as a very terrifying gear but it still has some disadvantages. When you find it in a drop, quickly pick it up and use it to destroy a whole squad in just a few seconds. Although it is able to wipe out the entire squad, its real damage can make you upset. You will not take too much time to reload this weapon. It doesn’t come with any attachments either. Knowing about its drawbacks, you will think about planning some strategies to use it smartly.

PUBG Mobile Lite weapons are extremely diverse with different characteristics. One of the best weapons you are highly recommended to pick up once you have found it is RPG-7 (Rocket Propelled Grenade). You are able to find this weapon in Drops that will bring totally different gameplay to you.

RPG-7 can work to its full potential when you use it to demolish vehicles. More than that, when in Duo or Squad Mode, you can bring it with you to support your comrades in the fight.

Lots Of Weapons, Such As Skorpion, MK47 Mutant, And PP19 Bizon Will Not Show Up In This PUBG Mobile Lite, But In Return For This, Players Will Be Provided With More Vehicles.
RPG-7 Is The Most Powerful Weapon Of Destruction In PUBG Mobile Lite
PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 Is Distributed In Many Drops.
PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 Is Also Armed With Advanced Targeting Support For More Correct Aiming, Even With High Ping.
The Recoil Of PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 Was Also Strongly Put Down In The Game.

Using PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 also helps you have a more accurate aiming even when the ping is high. The standards are completely different from plenty of postures, such as standing, crouching, bending, etc. The recoil of RPG-7 has also been suppressed a lot in PUBG Mobile Lite, which allows players to shoot better at enemies with up to 90% hit rate on more targets. More than that, players are able to recover their health while moving at any speeds.

With all the advantages of PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 mentioned above, this weapon promises to become one of the hottest weapons in 2019 for all PUBG Mobile Lite gamers.