PUBG Mobile Lite is the reduce-sized for the original game. Even though some PUBG Mobile Lite limitations in features and visual effect, the game seems to attract a lot of fans with low-end devices.

If you are considering getting this game instead of the original PUBG, it’s essential to know the differences. Hence, this PUBG Mobile Lite guides may help.

PUBG mobile or lite share the same motif. You have to fight until the end of the challenge and be the last man to survive. Even the plot also moves unexpectedly in both games. Therefore, users always find it tempting to start over the stories.

But, PUBG mobile lite offers to leave out some features that could ease the device’s memory. All is to help players have in hand the best gaming experience overall.

Average visual quality – the Biggest PUBG Mobile Lite Limitations

Compressing the files from 30 GB to 6 GB means a significant reduction in graphics. It’s the most remarkable difference between the two versions that you should expect in advance.

The reduced-size offers average graphics that could run smoothly on a low-end device. The primary purpose is to prevent lags and to improve movement visually. Besides, the story will happen thrillingly as always.

But, if you are looking for vibrant HDR graphics, don’t get to the lite version.

Graphics quality in PUBG mobile Lite
Graphics quality in PUBG mobile Lite

Less destructive weapons

Even though players possess the same weapon collection, these firearms are not so destructive. If you play both versions, you will see the difference with weapons in PUBG mobile lite regarding damage capacity.

However, if you are about to have the first PUBG ever with lite, remember to shoot more than usual. You have to try more to get the same killing potential as the full-sized game.

Only two modes – one of PUBG Mobile Lite Limitations will improve

While PUBG mobile is adopting more and more modes, the lite version stays tuned with only 2. The Battle Royale is a classic mode you can get in either game and Arcade.

However, players could opt for one of the four below branches: Payload 2.0, TDM, war mode, and war RPG. Even lacking some features, these modes also offer some compensations that you could count on. Besides, there will be more modes in the future.

Battel Royale on PUBG Mobile Lite
Battel Royale on PUBG Mobile Lite

Two maps for the whole game

The original PUBG has in total five maps with all sophisticated construction. However, the lite offers only two for the whole game.

Varenga is the free map for all players since the beginning of the game. And only after level 5 you can get the Golden Woods. They may be different battlegrounds but having fun there is not impossible.

Golden Woods
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