PUBG lite game is the reduced-size version. Players can download and enjoy close-to-original combats while not spending much space in computer. is a site where you can have files, news, and more about the game. However, to remain the site informative and well-managed, we publish Terms of Use. More importantly, Privacy Policy is one of terms that users need to stick appropriately.

Besides, regulations in Privacy Policy helps us maintain the existence relating to the site.

PUBG Lite Game

Collecting data in

Your actions on the website, including accessing PUBG lite update and news, will agree to application of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. In particular, we will collect:

  • Your information relating to your account on the site, including ID, Password, contact information, linked social networks
  • Records about the time you’re active on the page, including the content you engaged with, the length and frequency
  • Your pictures and social networks connected to the use of the website
  • Information about the Internet network, browser, and device which you use for gameplay
  • Your progress in gameplay, including the duration, achievement, and activities
  • The additional information you declare when doing our surveys, attending events, getting gifts, and so on.

By collecting this data, we can

  • Provide users better service and better content on the site that is close to your consideration
  • Enhance the quality of the gameplay, files, and features relating to the software
  • Offer more relating ads.
  • Fix the programs when any faults happen
  • Maintain our revenue
  • Expand out networking
  • Verify your account when necessary

User’s control over the data on the site

Users possess exclusive rights to delete, change, and copy the data relating to themselves on the website. You should be aware of all information you exposed to us. For any question, we welcome you to contact PUBG Lite Game at any time.

Besides, we also encourage you to send us emails about feedbacks about the PUBG Lite News and features.

Security and sharing user’s data on

All information we collect will go to the server which is closest to you. And also, only people with authority to access can view and use the data for the site.

We will have to share the data with third parties. It’s because they help us with your ID authentication and verification. Common third parties relate to email, phone number, or Facebook.

Even though we share the database with them, we remains the authority over the use and sharing your data.

Notifications about changes in Privacy Policy

The general information about Privacy Policy will gather here anytime we change. However, we will send notifications to the game so that you can catch up quickly.

Regulations applied to children

Depending on state law, we will not collect information on children under age 13 or 16. We also limit the player’s age for the game so that only people with appropriate maturity can get it.

We appeal for your help in managing your children. Also, please notify us of any cases that we have to act upon any violations of the law.