PUBG 16.2 has seen the release of the latest version with many changes. After a long period of development, this version is ready to bring players around the world improvements in both gameplay and strategy. Before playing, you should refer to this article to better understand these changes.

PUBG PC news: Details about version 16.2

The appearance of Tactical Backpacks

Tactical backpack debuts in PUBG 16.2
Tactical backpack debuts in PUBG 16.2

In order to help players hold more equipment at the same time, PUBG version 16.2 update has added tactical backpack equipment. It has outstanding advantages compared to ordinary backpacks, such as:

  • There are 4 slots to attach accessories, occupy your main weapon slot.
  • Almost every map has tactical backpacks.
  • Can hold most types of items, including weapons, helmets, armor, and more.
  • Tactical backpacks cannot contain other tactical backpacks, and players can only carry one tactical backpack at a time.
  • The type of interaction of the character when using a tactical backpack will change compared to normal.
  • Any weapon that is loaded before being loaded into the tactical backpack will remain in place until it is withdrawn.
  • Weapon accessories will ignore the “Replace Accessories” option.
  • Appear in Regular Battle, Custom Battle, Sandbox Mode, and Training Mode.

Above are also some basic information about the tactical backpack, we are sure that it will receive the love of players.

Added Telescope

Telescope and the change from normal observation
Telescope and the change from normal observation

The appearance of the telescope in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PC will help players observe the map at a mid-range position. Although it is not as powerful as the x4 or x8 scope, it is enough for you to observe the targets at the optimal distance. Here are the main features of this equipment:

  • Occupy a slot in the main weapon slot.
  • Appears on most maps in the game.
  • Optimize visibility using ADS mode.
  • You can use the telescope to detect and mark enemy Drones.
  • Aim through the rectangle in the telescope view.
  • The location can be pinged as usual when using the telescope.
  • Cannot detect or mark enemies hiding behind smoke grenades.
  • Appear in Regular Battle, Custom Battle, Sandbox Mode, and Training Mode.

PUBG PC news update about the gameplay in version 16.2

Appears a feature to practice aiming/listening to sound to help players improve their fighting skills in survival battles. You can enter Training Mode to access this Lab. Besides, choose one of two modes: aim practice or listen to the sound that suits your practice needs.

The shooting target in this version has also been improved with the appearance of vehicle shaped targets. This is like you are fighting a real enemy piece during practice. At the same time, the damage level will also displays on the screen.

Besides, the old maps have also had some slight improvements to ensure the best experience for players. You can rotate the competition maps so you don’t get bored while enjoying. For example, for ranked matches, choose maps like Erangel/Miramar/Taego and normal battles.

So, the updated information in our PUBG 16.2 section will give you the best overview of version 16.2. PUBG Battlegrounds download now to enjoy the exciting survival battles.

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