Come to the present PUBG Console Update 4.2 and you can discover a big announcement from the segment on “Inside Xbox” from August 19th. Besides, we will show you the detail of the Patch Notes that you care. Everything that you are interested in will be displayed below. Remember to follow all!

Along with a shortened gap between PC and Console content updates, they also kicked off Season 4 on Console. Hope you a more comfortable feeling when testing Cross Network Play in October! They are working hard to offer the best PUBG experience possible for the whole community.

  • PTS (Public Test Server) Time: August 21, 7 PM – August 27, 4 AM (until the live server maintenance is finished)
  • CEST: August 22, 4 AM – August 27, 1 PM (until the live server maintenance is concluded)

Live Maintenance Schedule:

  • PDT: August 26, 10 PM – August 27, 4 AM
  • CEST: August 27, 7 AM – 1 PM

To explore PUBG Console Season 4 and check the content on PTS, the Premium Survivor Pass with 20 Levels will be provided so you can log in the event on the PTS. Head to the shop and click My Items section to trigger rewards!

PUBG Console Update 4.2 – Patch Notes

Here are the entire PUBG Console settings in the latest patch. Please read until the end! It will not take you a lot of time for sure. We will begin with the change reserved for the earliest map in PUBG for PC.

PUBG Erangel’s Visual updates

  • It has been updated!

“Everyone is searching for themselves. That search ends here. Welcome to the Battlegrounds.”

Parachute And Be The Winner In PUBG On PC
  • After PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Download is rolled out, a large number of people have dropped into Erangel to entertain themselves with an amazing Battle Royale-styled match. To become more fitting the recent demands, the visual of the classic map Erangel has been modified, from Mylta Power to Military Bases, and so on. They hide unique secrets. We have the image of areas of the Erangel playfield, which have been made better.
PUBG Erangel’s Visual Updates

PUBG PC Erangel’s Terrain

It is an important part of PUBG PC Erangel. It will bring back several interesting modifications.

Cliffs In PUBG PC Are Reworked
  • The terrain, signage, buildings on Erangel in the PUBG Console update have gotten a few additions. To explain the history of Erangel clearer, numerous elements are added or revised.
  • Trenches, blast marks, camo nets, with forsaken tanks will be thrown into Erangel. They are scattered across territories.
Trenches Are Added To PUBG Erangel
  • It is simple to catch sight of barriers along the seashore in some places.
Barriers Are Searched On Beaches In PUBG

Erangel’s Weather in PUBG Download

  • Aside from the differences mentioned above for Erangel, you can join a battle in which clouds will cover most of the sky. It is called Overcast. If you enter PUBG PC Download, it will automatically adjust over the course between overcast, windy, hail, light rain, heavy rain, and fog.

“There’s a side to you that I never knew… and the games you’d play, you would always win. But I set fire, to the rain.”

It’s Fun To Fight Under The Overcast Weather In PUBG!

Destructible objects on PUBG PC Download Erangel

  • In PUBG PC Erangel, they can be pylons or barricades. They have been added to the game. They can be broken when they are hit with vehicles, weapons, and explosions.
Do Not Decide On Those Destructible Items When Playing PUBG PC!

PUBG PC Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath

“Explore the Battlegrounds like never before!”

Engage In PUBG Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH To Learn More About Its Mysteries

Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH of PUBG Console Update today will open the past and the present of Erangel through skins with items. It is feasible to gain over 100 rewards by fulfilling various quests and leveling up your Pass! Brand new to AFTERMATH is the existence of the cooperative mission system where you will engage together to defeat goals and achieve prizes.

In the process of shortening the update gap between PC and console, the pass duration is decreased to 8 weeks instead of 12. To compensate for that time, the amount of XP earned from gameplay and challenges will be increased by 50%. The mission change system is raised. Therefore, you can select BP to swap out more tasks than before.

PUBG Battle Survivor Pass Period

  • Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH of PUBG on steam was activated on August 27th after the live PUBG maintenance and will stop on October 22nd, 2 am PDT / 11 am CEST.

PUBG Download PC Free Premium Pass and Level-up Items

  • The one from Survivor Pass and Level-up can be bought until October 21st, 1 am PDT / 10 am CEST. In which, Level-up artifacts will belong to you in 5, 20, 30, and 50 level amounts. They are situated in the game’s store.

Install Game PUBG to Uncover New Cooperative Mission System

  • PUBG Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH has been granted another cooperative mission system which helps you fight together towards the common milestones and rewards. You can follow the progression gauge on the mission tab. There are 5 stages. Each of the phases contains a special reward upon completion.
New Cooperative Mission System

Refined Mission Change System of PUBG Download PC Free

  • After the release of the newest PUBG Console Patch Notes, v4.2, you can switch out up to 3 Daily Missions/ day without charge. BP will be chosen to do that, even for weekly jobs.
  • People who can end daily missions will be able to spend 1,500 BP to take the other set.
  • If rewards are opened, you will be guided to head directly to the Appearance tab.

Expanded XP Rewardin PUBG PC

  • Because the Pass lasts 4 weeks, shorter than the PC version, the XP collected from gameplay & completing missions will be elevated.
  • XP Boost 50% item will be dynamically used when you log in while the pass is running.
Expanded XP Rewardin PUBG PC

PUBG General Mission Explanations

  • Mission update schedule:
    • Daily Missions: Reset daily at 02:00 PDT / 11:00 CEST
    • Weekly Missions: Reset weekly at 02:00 PDT / 11:00 CEST every Tuesday
    • Premium, Season, and Challenge Missions: Valid for implementing for the duration of PUBG Console Season 4.
    • The ones on the PTS will set one more time each day at 19:00 PDT / 04:00 CEST
  • Additional Premium Missions: They are for persons who buy the Survivor Pass.
  • Season Missions: They exist within PUBG Season 4, with 5 mission sets and new rewards.

PUBG PC Game Download: Survival Title System Season 4 (Preseason)

PUBG Survival Title System Season 4 Preseason Comprises Plenty Of Cool Stuff

Survival Title System Season 4 Preseason of PUBG free play online no downloads starts! The development team edited numbering their Patch Notes to Update 4.2 instead of Xbox Update #10 / PS4 Update #7. They are skipping Season 3 and they will hop into Season 4 immediately. They promised that the rewards in Season 2 are identical to Seasons 3 ones from PC.

Season 4 Preseason is accessible for about 1 month. SP gathered in the Preseason will be transferred when PUBG Season 4 officially gets cracking on. If you approached a certain milestone in Season 4 Preseason, you will receive 1,000 SP.

PUBG Laptop Free Download & Season 4 Preseason Schedule

  • It will begin when live update PUBG maintenance closes on August 27th and end when the live update is triggered on early October.

Survival Point (SP) for PUBG updates

  • PUBG SP will be acquired during Season 4 Preseason. The whole SP will be moved to Season 4 when it is activated.
  • With the beginning of Season 4, your 1,000 SP will be shared to everyone who got above 2,000 SP in Season 4 Preseason.

Leaderboard of PUBG the game to play and more

  • Career stats from PUBG PC Season 4 Preseason will be set again when Season 4 runs.
  • SP climbs up considerably in PUBG maps like Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi so as to make SP gained more fair with the same time played.

PUBG Download PC Gameplay

“Equal opportunity looting”

For Season 4 in PUBG Console League, weapons and vehicles are balanced. Remember to send your feedback so developers can search for proper solutions!

PUBG Weapons Guide

They are rebalanced, including:

  • Increasing the base damage of Kar98k
  • Rising per pellet base damage of S12K, Sawed-off, S686, S1897
  • Improving the effective damage over distance for SMGs
  • Moderately increased the damage multipliers for SMGs, Crossbow, ADS zoom for the default Crossbow sight
  • Reduced the laser sight attachment dispersion multiplier for pistols
  • Slightly decreased the base damage of M24, Beryl M762, AKM, Groza, M416, G36, QBZ, SCAR-L, and AUG
  • Strongly lowered the max bullet travel distance of shotguns, from 1000 to 150 m
  • Duckbill attachment can fire bullets vertically
  • Crossbow in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds download free will supply a visible tracer following the trajectory of the bolt
  • Added top rail to Uzi to concede Red Dot and Holographic Sights attachments

PUBG Vehicles

They take a crucial role in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Download for PC.

  • Upgraded handling of RWD such as Buggy, Mirado, Rony, Motorbike, Snowbike, Snowmobile, Scooter, Tukshai
  • Modernized the status of regular and three-seater motorbikes
  • Enhanced the max speed of Scooters, from 90 to 105 kph
  • Amazingly boosted handling of Buggy and Buggy’s wheels durability by 50%
  • Advanced the max speed of Buggy, from 92/115 to 100/125 kph (no boost/boost)
  • Overhauled the HP of UAZ (from 900 to 1200), of Tukshai (from 500 to 1000), of Tukshai (from 70 to 85 kph)
  • But, the HP of Mirado is lessened, from 1000 to 900.
  • Motorbikes in PUBG PC Download will absorb 50% more fuel than before.
  • Cut down the acceleration & boost multiplier rate for Dacia
  • The speed of Dacia and Mirado drops by around 15% when moving on sand, mud, grass, and dirt.
  • When driving on a rocky surface, the friction will fall off by 10%.
  • Deployed the new Buggy and Mirado sounds
  • The visual’s effect when boosting will be discarded. The high RPM engine sounds will take its position.
  • Polished aiming when you are controlling means
  • Reformed the FPP camera view
  • New Features
    • PUBG gameplay has gotten a couple of additional exciting pieces:
    • Auto-acceleration, which will work when you double click on the key RT(Xbox)/R2(PS4)
    • Locking mechanism to BRDM-2, only teammates can enter
    • Car Audio, which just plays when the driver turns it on and switches off when you press Right key (D-Pad)
      • Tune the volume by moving to Settings – Audio – Gameplay – Gameplay Volume

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Healing and Boost Item

They are given countless improvements in Console Update 4.2 of PUBG.

  • While you are roaming, you can utilize them. But, the walking speed will be limited. Strike the X (Xbox)/Square (PS4) or run/jump keys to cancel.
  • Bandages will be consumed until you heal to the maximum of 75% health or when that resource depletes. Hit the X (Xbox)/Square (PS4) or run/jump keys to stop healing.
  • First Aid Kits will not heal any extra damage that you have after the healing.
  • Med Kits and Adrenaline Syringes can stack in the inventory.

PUBG Web Game Visual Effects

Similar to Healing & Boost, the visual effects in PUBG game download for PC are equipped with multiple enhancements.

  • Optimized and remade the visual of Molotov Cocktail with the shader quality of weapons & vehicles, and Frag Grenade explosion
  • Different effects will be applied in dissimilar ways, depending on the surface that Frag Grenades blow up upon
  • Made the best usage of muzzle flash effects for each armament and you can distinguish them

Game PUBG Online’s Vehicle Engine Toggle

  • PUBG vehicle engines can be managed by using Left key (D-Pad).
  • The engine can be switched off while driving after it saves enough the momentum. That can be one of the PUBG Console tips for quiet maneuvers.
  • When the engine is off, you can opt for the RT(Xbox)/R2(PS4) key to accelerate or Left key (D-Pad).
  • The engine will be auto turned off when your vehicles stay at a standstill for 8 seconds, or 2 seconds after you leave.

Throwables’ Friction in PUBG Game Download for PC

Throwables will make matches in PUBG PC game Download Steam much more thrilling. Their friction force is reset so the rolling movement will grow more suitable and predictable.

  • For Smoke Grenades, their friction force is extended to slow rolling speed and they will roll a shorter distance after interacting with the surface.
  • For Stun Grenades & Frag Grenades, their friction is toned down.

PUBG PS4 Visibility of Reticles against bright backgrounds

It is improved a bit.

PUBG Steam Erangel Blue Zone

It is a particular place in PUBG Erangel that has been introduced with a series of balance changes.

  • Its size in early phases is shrunk.
  • The waiting time at the Blue Zone in early and mid-game is minimized.
  • The movement speed of the Blue Zone in some mid and late phases is diminished.
  • The waiting time in the Blue Zone for the last phase drops.

Added Turntable to PUBG Erangel

Added Turntable to PUBG Erangel
  • Turn on or off the music by using the key X(Xbox)/Square(PS4)

Featured Map of PUBG Download

  • The Featured Map of PUBG PC will be still Erangel.

Radio Message Option in PUBG updates in the future

  • After feedback, another friendly system for Radio Message will be presented in the next PUBG Patch Notes.
  • Added Settings – Gameplay – Radio Message option

Improved Rate of Fire in PUBG PC, based on FPS

  • The rate of fire in PUBG game download for laptop is tweaked.

World of PUBG on PC

“Eye of the hurricane”

PUBG world gets lots of refinements.

  • Brings down the sound of Vikendi’s ambient wind noise


“A vision of perfect health”

There are dozens of adjustments for UI/UX in PUBG Console Update.


  • Plane map UI will alter the size when the battlefield is zoomed in.

PUBG Weapon Mastery UI

  • Upgraded icons with fragments of the layout in the Mastery tab
  • The Last Match Report notification at the upper right side of the lobby will not pop up if no Weapon Mastery XP is pocketed in the final match.
  • Fixed the time bonus values

PUBG menu background and character rendering

  • Strengthen effects


It is refined.

  • Helmet and vest health in PUBG game download for PC is stronger visualized on the UI, with the Backpack capacity.
  • The firing mode is shown visually by icons.
  • Discarded some HUD and UI elements while waiting for a match
  • Game version number, server identifier, and other information will be set beneath the minimap.


It is improved.

  • The wheel size in PUBG PC gets smaller. It is located on the right side of the screen.
  • Updated the wheel responsiveness
  • Deleted the screen blurring effect around the wheel UI
  • Total emote wheel slots are slim down, from 12 to 8.

PUBG PC Performance

The performance of PUBG the game will be rebuilt.

  • The map loading speed is increased.
  • Advancements have been carried out to minimize cases of hitching/stuttering.
  • Optimized the calculation of the player’s movement out of the playfield of view to enhance the performance
  • Renovated the loading and rendering speed of houses on Erangel (Live Server only)

Custom Match in PUBG PC Lite Download (Xbox, Live Server only)

The Custom Match of PUBG PC is an attracting slice in-game.

  • The spectate feature has been switched on again.
  • Hosts can be spectators in custom matches.
  • It is an interim feature. A more stable one will appear in forthcoming updates.

PUBG PC Skins & Items (Live Server only)

Play PUBG PC for free and you can possess distinctive costumes.

Survivor Pass 4

  • Premium Pass
  • Level Up coupons
  • Survivor Pass 4 coupon shop items

PUBG – Aftermath Pack

  • Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH
  • 5 Levels
  • Punk Destruction skin set (4 pieces)
  • Punk Spaulder Leather Jacket (Red)
  • Metallic Punk Jeans (Silver)
  • Collar Bone Jet Fighter – Helmet (Level 1)
  • Metallic Boots (Silver)
PUBG – Aftermath Pack

PUBG – Supply Pack: Season 4

  • 1,600 G-coin
  • Cheerleasder Skin set (4 pieces)
  • Shako Cheerleader Hat
  • Cheerleader Sweater
  • Cheerleader Skirt
  • Cheerleader Sneakers
PUBG – Supply Pack: Season 4

BP Shoes x 6

Rabbit Season Set

Added BattleStat weapon skin

Added BattleStat Weapon Skin
  • By applying a BattleStat weapon skin, the number of players killed with that tool will be recorded or shown on the skin. Keep Left (D-Pad) in-game to view the kills accomplished with that weapon! The tag [BATTLESTAT] is in front of the item’s name, and the number of kills is in the weapon skin page’s preview screen.
  • Only recording kills if the original wearer is using the skin. If someone who is not the skin’s owner singles out a weapon with the BattleStat weapon skin applied to it, the panel that indicates the kills will be locked. The new kills will not be recorded after that.

Popular Issues in PUBG PC

  • With controller preset A and B, you could only double-tap R-Stick (XBOX)/R3 (PS4) (PTS) to operate radio messages. That problem was solved after the live maintenance on August 27th.

PUBG PC Bug Fixes

Although they are long, you are recommended to have a look over all of them to figure out appropriate tactics in the upcoming encounters of PUBG PC download. They involve in fixes for:

  • Charms occasionally made the game crash (Live Server)
  • The map boundary collision would block parachuting
  • Smoke grenades would move above the ground
  • Teammate UI did not come into view properly in Platoon Mode custom matches (Xbox)
  • Care Packages would drop outside the playable region
  • Players in PUBG could be damaged unexpectedly when leaving a vehicle in the water
  • R1895 animation worked on another weapon in FPP
  • Extended Quickdraw mag could not push up the reloading time for Tommy Gun & Vector correctly
  • Vehicles could damage people behind the wall
  • The reload animation was canceled while still letting a full reload when releasing other equipped firearms
  • Sounds from somebody in PUBG Download could be found when spotting and changing between teammates
  • Characters could get in a BRDM-2 moving at high speed than expected without being injured
  • Missing empty shells when loading again the AWM and M24
  • Reloading noise from Scorpion and Deagle is louder than other handguns
  • A graphical trouble in some buildings on Vikendi
  • The wall collision disappeared in some points in Hacienda del Patron on Miramar, building walls of Paradise Resort on Sanhok
  • Other players who landed in parachutes momentarily would sink into the ground when the network was poor
  • It was impossible to hear footsteps when going backward against the objects’ corner in PUBG PC
  • Throwables would be cut or shaken when the network was not powerful
  • Throwables rolled for a longer time on the slope
  • Aqua rail’s speed in reverse was not mostly different
  • The constant audible collision could be heard while the vehicle was standing a place
  • First Aid Kit, Adrenaline Syringe, Energy Drink could not be found by spectators
  • Vehicles gradually went down the slope when they parked on an angled spot
  • Weapon scope zoom was readjusted after performing actions
  • Character animations’ direction was changed when deploying an emote whilst being influenced by a Molotov
  • Only felt the weapon dropping sound by the person who had dropped it
  • A faintly cross-shaped line appeared when the holographic reticle brightness was heightened
  • BRDM-2 would descend when summoned by firing the Flare Gun above the water
  • The boost gauge kept showing even after UI was incapacitated if under a boost’s effect
  • A bug revolved around a situated marker location will be thrown away since PUBG Console Update 4.2.
  • Player’s names did not display incorrectly when watching someone in a disconnected situation
  • Raindrops would travel through vehicle roofs
  • Footsteps were heard from dead guys irregularly
  • Controller guide text emerged when viewing after dying in a squad match

PUBG PC Console Patch Notes that we have followed is a huge update, especially for those who are going to jump into PUBG’s heart-pounding take on Battle Royale. Not only that, it will arrive to serve a smoother game. Finally, it is useful to figure out significant strategies of your own. Embark on your adventure and remember to share with friends or contribute to developing PUBG PC by leaving your comments!

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