PUBG Lite Periverka is a new map that has just been recently released with the addition of a new game mode – Free For All. As you know, PUBG Lite owns a lot of popular maps just like its original version – PUBG Game. You are experiencing a lighter and smaller version of PUBG, but still, you can totally get access to unique content and features added to the lite version, and in this case, namely Periverka map with Free For All mode, promising to bring you a new experience with more exciting battles, just like what you had with PUBG Lite Team Deathmatch 4vs4 mode. Now, let’s dive into what things brought by the new map and find out the new game mode!

All about PUBG Lite Free For All mode

PUBG Lite Free For All new mode

To join PUBG Lite Free For All mode, you must go through the Arcade Match tab in the lobby. A gear icon will appear, then simply click that icon to choose Periverka – Free For All and then you will search for a match to join.

This brand new game mode pits you against the other 7 players, which is unlike Team Deathmatch. You have to fight against them on your own instead of working with a team. The match lasts for 10 minutes, and within that period of time, you must attempt to have 20 kills first to win the match. Free For All mode in PUBG Lite will have players playing from the first-person perspective.

Get ready to start a match

PUBG Lite Free For All Map

Before diving into a match, players have 90 seconds to gather as many weapons and items on the ground as possible. You have to equip yourself with enough weapons so you can fight against other enemies. After 90 seconds, all of you will be transferred to the main area for the match. You will appear in a random position inside the building or on the roof. After that, the battle will begin officially.

Around the battle area are walls and fences! Players will not escape away from the battle area or go back to the beginning area thanks to those walls and fences. Make sure you check other items you are armed with besides weapons, such as backpacks, helmets, and suits. Level 1 will be everyone’s starting level.

Health regeneration

Health regeneration is also an element that makes PUBG Lite Free For All mode more interesting. It’s all about the player’s health recovery. If you don’t get attacked after 7 seconds, 10% health regeneration per second will be given to you until you get to 75% of health. Don’t forget to find some energy drinks, pain killers as well as Adrenaline Cylinders when you make your way through the building because those items will give you a 100% boost.


After you have met your end, you will get your resurrection after 5 seconds with similar equipment at the time of death. In addition, you will be invincible for 2 seconds after your revival.


PUBG Lite Free For All Items

Change your weapons in the area on two sides of the building if you want, even though you are not allowed to return to the starting area. In the building, you will catch sight of high-class helmets, grenades, suits, and ammo that are dispersed at random positions.

Go to the roof of the building to find a Supply Tower where you can find an AUG after the first two minutes of the game, or a Groza after the next three minutes. You should notice the angle of the screen since there is going to be a system notification in the upper left of the screen in 30 seconds before the appearance of AUG or Groza. By looking at the notification, you know that the weapons are about to spawn. If players take the weapons, the system notification will disappear.

PUBG Lite Periverka event

PUBG Lite Periverka event

The development team of PUBG Lite brings a Periverka event to all players on the occasion of celebrating the launch of the new map Periverka and Free For All mode. In this event, players will receive free rewards with unique items. To obtain them, you have to sign in PUBG Lite game with your account and play 10 matches in Free For All mode and earn 15 Chicken Medals.

If you are joining the challenge mission of PUBG Lite Pass, you can get access to the Periverka map too. You will have a chance to obtain various Chicken Medals by joining the new game mode.

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