PUBG Lite Delete Account is a topic that many people wonder when they are fed up with using this account. Although PUBG Lite is also not a bad choice for many people, they still want to cancel their account when they are no longer using it. There are many reasons that players may wish to delete PUBG Lite Account. One of them is the email spamming by this company. Besides, the fact that PUBG Lite is a free version also leads to a decrease in the quality of the graphics and other features. This will make many people dislike and will switch to another version with a better experience.

What is PUBG Lite download version?

It can be said that PUBG belongs to the survival game genre that has captured a lot of love and the number of players in the world. This type of game also attracts numerous streamers in the community. Currently, PUBG PC Steam and PUBG Mobile versions are too familiar to many players, along with the relatively new appearance of PUBG disturbing the gaming community. Among them, it must be mentioned is the version PUBG Lite from Thailand. For those who experience it for the first time, it will be very curious about what PUBG Lite is. So this part will be a very useful reference for all beginners.

PUBG LITE is another version of the traditional Playerunknown Battlegrounds game, but completely free and suitable for computers and phones with low capacity. Therefore, it also edited low-quality images and gameplay to suit some players. With the interface almost identical to the PUBG PC Steam version, PUBG Lite graphics is cut to the maximum to be simple and easy to play like PUBG Mobile. That makes it as lightweight as PUBG Mobile.

Delete PUBG Lite Account Easily And Quickly
Delete PUBG Lite Account Easily And Quickly

Ways to delete PUBG Lite Account

By this way, you will no longer be able to retrieve the deleted account. Once you cancel an PUBG Lite account, the profile information and all items will also disappear. So carefully think before you decide to remove it.

Following the PUBG guides below you will be able to cancel or deactivate your account if you have created a PUBG Lite account through their website or launcher:

  1. First, you have to log in to the public PUBG Account.
  2. Then, let’s navigate to the Settings page.
  3. Once you have finished, locate and click on Delete Account.
  4. The system will require you to confirm this action. You can do this by clicking on the DELETE again.
  5. Finally, re-enter your password and you can delete your PUBG Lite account.

Those are the basic steps for you to easily delete your account in PUBG Lite version. We would like to emphasize once again that this will lead to the inability to recover the account as well as the previous related information. Hopefully this article will help those who are still wondering how to cancel this account. If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to follow the page to motivate us to create more great articles. Have an amazing experience!

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