PUBG Lite will expand to more countries in October. This is an extremely important and memorable step as the lighter version of PUBG will be more accessible in more countries, permitting gamers from around the world to enjoy the game easily without any troubles, like IP mock-up. The reason for this big step is because PUBG Lite has been strongly improved so far, which promises to bring a unique interesting experience to gamers.

PUBG Lite Will Be Available In More Countries In October

Announcing the next 52 countries that welcome PUBG Lite

Until now, PUBG Lite (the lighter version of PUBG game) is still loved and picked by many gamers from around the world, especially the ones who are using low-end devices. This can be proven through the limitation of the game in several Southeast Asian countries, until now, PUBG Lite has debuted in many regions of the world.

The Next 52 Countries That Can Get Access To PUBG Lite

After the Beta Test launch in the SEA region, in fact, Garena intended to bring PUBG Lite to the Steam platform, and the game would be released completely free for all worldwide gamers to experience. However, shortly after that, the game company based in Singapore withdrew this intention, causing PUBG Lite not to be released on Steam anymore.

PUBG Lite Is Still A Hot Pick For Players With Low-End Devices

According to the recent announcement of the development team, in October 2019, PUBG Lite will debut in other 52 countries from around the world. On occasion of this big move, when logging into PUBG Lite, players will receive a lot of valuable items.

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