PUBG Lite is the smaller and lighter version of PUBG game. It has just been expanded in 52 countries from around the world. After this explosion, PUBG Lite update has also been released, promising to bring many interesting experiences to players, together with many new additions to upgrade the gameplay. The outstanding points in this new update are the appearance of two new currencies in the game and the launch of PUBG Lite Pass season 2.

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What’s new in PUBG Lite new update?

Survival Title Ranking System Season 2

The Seasonal Rewards Are Based On Players’ Rankings In PUBG Lite New Update

The Survival Title System also receives an update, with new rewards and titles getting ready for players to unlock.

Lite Pass: Season 2

Lite Pass: Season 2

PUBG Lite Pass Season 2 has started on October 10th, 2019. The pass will last for 8 weeks and will come to an end on December 2nd. Players will have a period of 1 week before the ending of the Lite Pass Season 2 to redeem rewards.

In Season 2, players can get access to daily missions and challenge missions just like the original PUBG game. After each mission completed, you will receive some rewards and experience points based on your ranks. If you want more missions and rewards, you need to have Premium and Premium Plus.

New currencies

Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet are the two new currencies in PUBG Lite new update.

Chicken Medal in PUBG Lite

Chicken Medal is a brand new currency in PUBG Lite. Players can use it to redeem the boxes that contain special skins. 4 Chicken Medals can be used for getting one box. You will get this currency from daily login via Lite Pass and Lite Pass Premium, challenge missions, daily missions, and other events that are not released yet.

Silver Bullet in PUBG Lite

With Silver Bullet, players can collect it after eliminating skin items. You use Silver Bullet for purchasing items in Silver Bullet Store.

Many Items Are Put On Sale In Silver Bullet Store in PUBG Lite

New update for TDM 4 vs 4 mode

New Update for TDM 4 vs 4 Mode

PUBG TDM 4vs4 Mode has also made its arrival to PUBG Lite with a fewer number of players. In this mode, two teams of 4 players have to attack one another in the middle of a deserted house surrounded by damaged vehicles and rusty containers. The winning team will be the team with 40 kills before the opponent team.

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