Are you ready for the PUBG Lite expansion that is about to come in 52 extra countries on October 10th, including Russia and European countries? This is going to be one of the best forthcoming events organized by PUBG Lite. On the occasion of celebrating this expansion to brand new regions, an event has been prepared by the development team in order to bring you awesome items. Let’s check out this PUBG Lite event and find out what PUBG Lite items you can receive!

All about PUBG Lite expansion event you need to know

PUBG Lite Expansion Event

Event Period

From September 26th to October 8th.

Who can take part in this event?

All PUBG LITE users can join this PUBG Lite expansion event.

How to join PUBG Lite expansion event

Step 1: You have to click the button that says “CLICK TO PARTICIPATE” between Sep 26th and October 8th

  • For the users that have the current account, just use that account to log in the game then select the “CLICK TO PARTICIPATE” button.
  • For the new users who haven’t created an account yet, you have to create one then select the “CLICK TO PARTICIPATE” button.

Step 2: There you go! Your participation has been completed.

What rewards will you receive?

This PUBG Lite expansion event brings you some awesome rewards, such as Desert Camo – M416 and Rock Star – AKM

Desert Camo – M416 and Rock Star – AKM

When does the reward distribution start?

The date for reward distribution will begin from October 8th (Tuesday) to October 11th (Friday)

How to distribute rewards

  • For the users that are from the regions that PUBG Lite has just arrived, you will get rewards through the email you logged in with.
  • For the users from all other servicing regions, you will get rewards in your in-game inventory.

Note: More rewards will be distributed if more players join the event! You should invite your friends to come to join the event with you so all of you can receive awesome rewards.

The more players participate in the event, the more rewards you can receive!

Don’t forget to check out the PUBG Lite Facebook page to explore more events!

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