PUBG Lite Shut Down is information that is causing a stir among gamers recently. As a version released by the developer in 2019, PUBG Lite makes it possible for gamers to play battle royale on low-end devices without requiring too much hardware resources. However, the game is going to end permanently after 4 years on the market. The developers have announced and confirmed that PUBG Lite will stop working on April 29th. For more information, let’s check out the article below.

The low spec version of PUBG seems to really shut down.
The low spec version of PUBG seems to really shut down.

Notice about PUBG Lite RIP on April 29th

The developers have announced that PUBG Lite will be closed soon. However, players can continue playing the battle royale until April 29. You will still be able to continue using the credits in PUBG Lite as usual, including the L-COIN you already own. During this period, PUBG LITE Facebook will stay open until further notice, even after the game service shuts down.

In addition, the developers have also posted on their official blog to confirm the news about PUBG Lite RIP. They also did not forget to thank all the fans who have accompanied and supported PUBG Lite during the past time. The severity of the COVID-19 pandemic makes PUBG LITE able to provide fans a fun way to stay safe. However, they still made the difficult decision to close the service despite many considerations before. PUBG Lite’s journey really has to end. The developers also regret to announce that PUBG LITE will shut down on April 29, 2021 (UTC).

What is the reason behind this shutdown?

Currently we still do not know the exact reason for the shutdown of PUBG Lite. The official website is closed as well, and there isn’t even a new download supported in the game. So PUBG Lite will actually stop working from 29 April. However, players can still use the customer support until 29 May. Before the game is over, players can continue to play and complete missions or maybe spend coins in their account.

One thing to note is that you will still be able to use PUBG LITE Facebook even after the game service shuts down until further notice. The developers also apologized to their fans, along with a deep appreciation for the support over the past time. They hope that gamers have enjoyed the best times playing PUBG. They also promised to continue to make more efforts in the future.

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