PUBG Lite Weapons Available To Use!

All of the PUBG Lite weapons and something related below are playable in-game.


PUBG Lite AR Weapons

It is the first section that you will be able to discover before you play the version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

  • AKM – An assault rifle type weapon using 7.62mm ammunition / 30 (max 40). It is an upgraded version of the original AK-47.
  • AUG – It is as known as the Steyr AUG A3. It is an assault rifle in PUBG Lite. It is the third variant of AUG 1 created in Austria in the 1960s. You can find it in Air Drops only. It uses a 5.56mm 30-round magazine (max 40).
  • Beryl M762 – It is an assault rifle produced in Poland. Although it looks like a variation if an AK/RPK-pattern rifle, it is really an export variant of the FB Beryl. Its name bears the 7.62mm caliber.
  • Groza – Among the present PUBG Lite ARs, it is also considered the Thunderstorm in Russian, developed in the 1990s.
  • M16A4 – Alike with AUG 3, it utilizes 5.56mm ammunition and 30-round magazine (max 40). It is controlled by the US army during the Vietnam War.
  • M416 – Regarded as the upgrade of the M16 and the M4 Carbine, firing 5.56mm / 30 (max 40). It is one of the weapons in the armed US force.
  • MK47 Mutant – It is a scary monster that you can unleash in PUBG Lite PC Download. It is a good US-made Semi-automatic rifle using 7.62mm / 20 (max 30).
  • QBZ – A nice Bullpup-style assault rifle designed in the People’s Republic of China.
  • SCAR-L – A gun that can fire the 5.56mm / 30 (max 40). It belongs to the Belgian FN SCAR family. The L is light and SCAR means the injury you cause to the enemy.
  • G36C – It is the final assault rifle in the collection of ARs, based on the G36 generated in Germany. The C is compact.


PUBG Lite DMR Weapons

The cool PUBG Lite Weapons List will be extended with the presence of the following tools.

  • Mini 14 – Similar to MK47 Mutant, you can apply the 5.56mm / 20 (max 30) to Mini 14. It is a light semi-automatic rifle from the US. While it is named Mini, it can cause heavy damage.
  • MK14 – A classic designated marksman rifle of the US army. Its versatility helps you attack in close-range and mid-range combat, with 7.62mm / 10 (max 20).
  • QBU – A Bullpup style semi-automatic rifle built in China, 5.56mm / 10 (max 20).
  • SKS – A standard Soviet semi-automatic carbine formed in 1945. It can shoot 7.62mm / 10 (max 20).
  • SLR – SLR or Self-Loading Rifle will deploy the identical ammo to the SKS. It is a modern British remake of FN FAL.
  • VSS – It is given different ammunition from the rest of PUBG Lite DMR, 9mm / 10 (max 20). VSS is shaped in the Soviet Union and goes with an integrated suppressor.


PUBG Lite SR Weapons

There are four PUBG Lite SRs that you can pick when fighting, including:

  • AWM – The AWM or Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum, identified as the L115 by the British Armed Forces. With AWM, you can snipe stably, even you are in a very cold place, .300 magnum / 5 (max 7)
  • Kar98k – Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar98k) is a first-class bolt-action rifle weapon in PUBG Lite Mobile, coming with 7.62amm / 5 (no max). It is found early in Germany in 1935 and seen in some locations until now.
  • M24 – A sniper rifle of the US Army with 7.62amm / 5 (max 7)
  • Win94 – A lever-action rifle from the US in 1894, attached with .45 ACP / 8 (no max)


PUBG Lite SMG Weapons

Here are four PUBG Lite Submachine guns managed in your game.

  • Micro UZI – From Israel in 1954, it works effectively in close combat with 9mm / 25 (max 35)
  • Tommy Gun – A nickname to the Thompson SMG controlled by people in the US for many years, taking.45 ACP / 30 (max 50)
  • Vector – A better weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS, launched in the US in 2006, 9mm / 19 (max 33)
  • UMP45 – UMP45 or Universale Mashinenpistole or Universal Submachine Gun in German, .45 ACP / 25 (max 32)


PUBG Lite LMG Weapons

DP-28 and M249 are two items in the list of PUBG Lite best weapons.

  • DP-28 – A light machine gun appeared in the Soviet Union during WWII. It’s not simple to see it in the contemporary era, 7.62mm / 47 (no max)
  • M249 – An improved LMG popular in the US Army, 5.56mm / 100 (no max)

PUBG Lite Shotgun

PUBG Lite Shotgun Weapons

They are amazing PUBG Lite weapons for survivors.

  • S12K – An innovative Russian semi-automatic shotgun, 12 Gauge / 5 (max 8)
  • S1897 – A pump-action shotgun in the US in the 1890s, 12 Gauge / 5 (no max)
  • S686 – It has double barrel usually tested for sports in the US, 12 Gauge / 2 (no max)
  • SAWED-OFF – A “break-open” shotgun with barrel shortened so it can fire two constant shots, 12 Gauge / 2 (no max)

PUBG Lite Handgun

PUBG Lite Handgun Weapons

Access the arsenal in the game and do not skip PUBG Lite Handgun! They are neatly and easy to hold, comprising 6 types:

  • Skorpion – A Czechoslovakian machine pistol with a full-auto mode, 9mm / 20 (max 40)
  • R1895 – A seven-shot revolver from the 19th century, 7.62mm / 7 (no max)
  • P1911 – P1911 or Government visible in wars, .45 ACP / 7 (max 12)
  • P92 – A semi-auto pistol shown in 1972, 9mm / 15 (max 20)
  • P18C – a pistol from Austria with auto mode, 9mm / 17 (max 25)
  • R45 – A present-day revolver set in Italy in 209, .45 ACP / 6 (no max)

PUBG Lite Melee

PUBG Lite Melee Weapons

Aside from the close or mid-range stuff, you are able to switch and handle melee weapons in PUBG Lite Garena.

  • Sickle – A keen tool to harvest or kill
  • Pan – Brings back fun moments and saves your backside on the battlefield
  • Crowbar – A heavy gear that can break the skull of somebody
  • Machete – An essential equipment to open a path in jungles, especially remove dense zones, it can turn into a formidable weapon whenever

PUBG Lite Misc

PUBG Lite Misc Weapons

Along with PUBG Lite melee weapons, you will receive an exciting object the Crossbow.

  • Crossbow – In addition to using for sports, it can run well in modern battles, Bolt / 1 (no max)

The top PUBG Lite Weapons guide has been described fully. Learning about everything you opt for inside the game will allow you to get an edge over adversaries and change into the last standing man sooner. In other words, visiting the list will improve your winning chance a lot. Remember to share it with your buddies!

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