PUBG Mobile 1.9 new update is ready to launch to players around the world with strong improvements. This is also the 4th anniversary version of PUBG Mobile that promises to bring you memorable experiences through a series of changes. Here is all the latest information on this version that we want to cover.

It is not difficult to see the changes of PUBG Mobile 1.9 new update, it is mainly for the player experience and improving outstanding issues. Typically you will find a series of new events, TDM 2.0 game mode, Cheer Park, etc. All these additions will bring you a much fresher experience than before.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 release date and information you need to know

According to the announcement from the publisher, PUBG Mobile 1.9 was officially launched on March 18, 2022. This is a major update with many new features, typically new weapons and vehicles. Moreover, you should update the game before March 22 to receive valuable rewards from the publisher.

Big changes in PUBG Moblie 1.9 update version
Big changes in PUBG Moblie 1.9 update version

Most of the main features in this updated version will directly affect the gameplay of PUBG Mobile. Some of them that have appeared in PUBG PC will definitely make you feel excited. Some of the additions include a mountain bike, a new weapon SPAS’12, a bridge, and some never-before-seen features.

Finally, we recommend that you clean up your mobile device’s memory to be ready to download this major update. The download will be quite a lot, so you should also connect to WiFi to make the download process smooth and fast.

Details of PUBG Mobile 1.9 new update

The appearance of the Vibrant Anniversary Mode

Vibrant Anniversary Mode was created to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s 4th anniversary with the appearance of interesting scenes. Here, the player will see four giant statues and you can use different colored balls to color these statues. Watch the statues change and get ready for a unique performance.

This mode is available on Erangel and Livik, you can select it in the mode selection menu. So, this mode was for the purpose of bringing entertainment to players. So you will find no competition during the enjoyment.

Cheer Park and new improvements

This PUBG update gives players a new great dating spot. Cheer Park has a larger area, more new facilities than the parks that appeared before. You can take your lover to Game Center, Crush Island, Rounds, and more. Some of the older sites in the park have also received significant upgrades.

Aerial Battleground in PUBG Mobile 1.9 new update

This is one of the most interesting modes that you should not ignore in PUBG Mobile. Here, all players will use colorful balls to fight with each other. When attacked by an enemy, your visor will become larger and cause the character to float in the air.

To reduce the size, allies must shoot colored balls at your visor accurately. The special thing about this mode is that players can respawn continuously in each battle to increase the fun when enjoying. At the same time, this mode only lasts for about 5 minutes of each match.

Integrated mountain bike in many maps

If you are bored with using cars to move, mountain bikes will make you excited. The new bicycles will have many different colors, allowing the character to freely move around the map and especially useful when climbing. Mountain bikes are indestructible and don’t make noise.

Although it has appeared on the PC version, in the PUBG Mobile 1.9 new update new mountain bikes have been added. In some cases of moving across the river, you can collapse the mountain bike and store it in a backpack. In general, the appearance of mountain bikes will bring new tactics to players.

New voice pack available

PUBG Mobile is a globally famous survival game, so it’s not too difficult to understand when it cooperates with many famous idols. The most recent is a collaboration with the hit girl group BlackPink, and the group’s dialogue pack will have in the latest version 1.9.

This is really great news for K-pop fans in general, and BlackPink in particular. Accordingly, this voice call includes English and Korean to become more suitable for many players. In the near future, the game will add new dialogue packs from other world idols continuously to please every player.

SPAS’12 – The most anticipated shotgun

The appearance of a new weapon is also anticipated by many players. Meeting expectations, the publisher released SPAS’12, a basic shotgun with high damage and versatility. Although the reload time is quite slow, SPAS’12 is ready to make up for it with huge damage. Download PUBG Mobile 1.9 APK to get ready to use this gun.

Above is all information about PUBG Mobile 1.9 new update that we would like to introduce to readers. Besides the above features, this update also comes with a number of bug fixes and small improvements to give players the best experience.

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