PUBG Mobile skins are diverse! Recently, Tencent Games has made an announcement on releasing themed bike skins in the game when they cooperated with Yamaha. These skins have unique looks and it will be great if you put them on your character. Below here is a detailed PUBG Mobile guide on claiming these skin rewards for free in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile free download.

What to do to get Graphic Helmet and Content Jacket for free in PUBG Mobile game?

After the exposure of the tease of the crossover between PUBG Mobile and Yamaha, the company only made an announcement on unique collaboration and did not mention any information in relation to the new skins. But, as can be learned from a recent tweet, some information about this collaboration was shared by PUBG Mobile.

Graphic Helmet and Content Jacket for free PUBG Mobile Game

The new Yamaha-themed bike skins were confirmed to be the new skins of PUBG Mobile in that tweet. Besides, there would be a cool blue-colored helmet with Contend Jacket added to the game as a part of the crossover.

What could be more interesting to know? It is the fact that players can totally obtain those skins for free! So, if you are playing PUBG Mobile game, make sure you claim the Helmet skin and the Contend Jacket then try them on your character. You will not have to finish any missions or obtain any game objectives to get them. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps below here:

  • Step 1: Launch PUBG Mobile game on your mobile device.
  • Step 2: Log into the game using your account, if you have not logged into it yet.
  • Step 3: You will see Daily Login popping up on the screen. Take a look at it then collect the available rewards.
  • Step 4: Do the same steps over and over again for three days for claiming your final reward. The Graphic Helmet and Contend Jacket will be the last reward you will get after you have done with the Daily Login.

Below here is the official post from the PUBG Mobile game. Please have a look at it for important information:

Log in to earn exclusive @YamahaMotorUSA rewards! No ride is complete without the Graphic Helmet and CONTEND Jacket – yours for free when you log in for three days!

There you go! Now, you must have known what to do to get Graphic Helmet and Contend Jacket for free, right? If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile items, especially unique outfits and skins for your characters, make sure you will not skip these new skins. Log into the game now to get them for free!

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