PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1 new update is already out, which features an exclusive new map called Golden Woods. This PUBG Mobile Lite update surprised all gamers when it brings Golden Woods into the battle. PUBG Mobile Lite Golden Woods has not been added to the full version yet, and it promises to be an amazing map during the fall.

Aside from Golden Woods, players can also get access to other great features in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1, including new title system that assists players to unlock more achievements to increase their rank, new RPG war mode, together with a wide range of new weapons, such as PP-19, QBZ, QBU DMR rifle, as well as a four-wheeled UAZ.

The hot updates and new contents in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1

An exclusive new map: Golden Woods

The Golden Woods map is essentially a small town that is much smaller than the mini-Erangel map that you may have experienced before. This brand new map is launched on occasion of autumn, which will make lots of gamers excited.

Just like its name said, the PUBG Mobile Lite Golden Woods is an autumn forest with multiple trees turning yellow, which is opposed to the green on PUBG Sanhok Map. On this autumn map, players will experience a new title system that helps them gain more achievements to grow their rank. Also, the new map brings a brand new Firefight: War mode of RPG-7, along with multiple new weapons and a new vehicle – four-wheeled UAZ.

Golden Woods Is A New Map Exclusively Designed For PUBG Mobile Lite

The pace of the battle is also faster than before, promising to bring players wonderful experiences. Golden Woods contains multiple bushes that can be used for hiding and ambushing the enemies.

Golden Woods Offers Stunning Golden Autumn Scenery With Multiple Small Towns

War-RPG Mode

Are you ready to experience the Firefight: War mode of RPG-7 brought to you by PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1? This War-RPG mode is full of intense, in which players will be provided an RPG-7 and they must use this weapon to fight one another. The battle will soon be turned into a chaotic battle packed with dangers. Aside from this new mode, other new PUBG Mobile Lite weapons are also introduced, such as PP-19, DMB, QBZ, and QBU.

Pubg War-RPG Mode

A completely fierce War Mode in PUBG Mobile Lite

New Title System

With the title system in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1, players are able to change the current title into the unique ones. These titles can be accessed after players have finished the achievements in the game. They can be proud of what they have done!

In addition, the new Title System will display a special skill to other players throughout the spawn. The new ranked season of PUBG Mobile Lite will start on October 1st with brand new rewards.

Players Are Allowed To Change The Title In PUBG Mobile Lite

Launching a new season

On October 1st, the new season of PUBG Mobile Lite will officially start, together with a wide range of new contents as well as new rewards. The achievement system is already available, and you can check for the new achievements in the Mission Menu. Each completed achievement will bring you a reward.

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