With the official debut of PUBG Mobile Lite for almost a year after being released on Google Play store for all the users in the Philippines, the game itself is still very hot at the moment. PUBG Mobile Lite game was designed for mobile devices with low-end configuration. Now, players in India can easily check out the game and even download it from the store for free.

PUBG Mobile Lite Release Date in India was already decided! If you come from this country, you should quickly install the game on your device to experience it with your friends. You can research on how to play PUBG Mobile Lite in India or how to download PUBG Mobile Lite APK if you cannot get it from the store directly. Don’t forget to explore PUBG Mobile Lite 0.12.0 APK for faster and easier gaming experience!

PUBG Mobile Lite in India is already downloadable for free now

Steps to download PUBG Mobile Lite APK

Step 1: Click button to download APKpure. Besides, you can choose to download and install the game on TapTap (simply type PUBG Mobile Lite TapTap on Google for more information).

Step 2: You must download PUBG Mobile Lite with APK file if your country cannot get access to the game on CH Play store. Besides the APK file, you are also recommended to try the XAPK file. Click button below to download PUBG Mobile Lite XAPK file!

Step 3: Once you have done downloading XAPK file, you will now have to open APKpure app then find PUBG Mobile Lite to install.

Pick a DNS provider and install two new DNS addresses for PUBG Mobile Lite

Step 4: If your IP address is blocked, you must use the DNS Changer app to change the DNS address. You can download the DNS Changer app from your CH Play store.

Step 5: Just tap “Custom DNS” section and then you will change two DNS addresses. Choose “Start” after that.

Step 6: Now, you can launch PUBG Mobile Lite on your phone! Pick an account before entering the game.

These steps are likely the most feasible way for you to download and play PUBG Mobile Lite if the game is not available in your country yet. You are recommended to follow this way instead of faking your IP address like always.

60 players in PUBG Mobile Lite classic mode will compete against each other on the battlegrounds

PUBG Mobile Lite was built with Unreal Engine 4, which is similar to PUBG Mobile. The differences here are that PUBG Mobile Lite only takes up 2GB of RAM, it has a smaller map that can only contain 60 players, unlike 100 players in PUBG Mobile.

In PUBG Mobile Lite India, players will get access to a new weapon – RPG-7, a new vehicle – Buggy, three new locations, etc. Also, the number of players has been increased, which is now 60 players. The most interesting thing that can be found in PUBG Mobile Lite in India is that it is able to run on all devices with low-end devices, giving a smooth experience to all players.

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