PUBG Mobile Lite Season 8 brings brand new features and unique season rewards. The new season 8 will roll out globally after the conclusion of Season 7 on September 30, 2020. What players can expect from this new season is their tier rewards based on the ranks they have gained from the previous season. So, which rewards does season 8 of PUBG Mobile Lite bring? Explore the new season!

About PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite is a perfect choice for users who want to play the mobile version of PUBG on low-end devices. Although the lite version is more simplified with simple elements, it still guarantees enough battle royale experience. The game has arrived since the release last year. During a short time, it has received some big improvements as well as unique updates to better its gameplay. Now, with the new update, the game is expected to be much better!

When will PUBG Mobile Lite come out?

Season 8 of PUBG Mobile Lite is scheduled to come out on October 1, 2020. Players can expect to enjoy the new season with brand new tier rewards. Similar to the former season, this new one will last around three months. There’s something about the new season that you need to know, which is that it may not be available in some regions yet. If you are in those regions, there is no tier reset yet. However, the way you play matches will not have an influence on your rank.

Season 8 tier rewards players will receive

Similar to PUBG Mobile Lite Season 7, season 8 also brings a wide array of new rewards divided into different tiers. Players have to push their ranks to obtain the rewards, for instance:

New outfit for the Gold rank

Season 8 new outfit

New AWM skin for the Diamond rank

AWM skin in Season 8

A nice parachute skin for the Ace rank

Parachute skin in Season 8

A unique Conqueror Frame for the Conqueror rank

Conqueror Frame in Season 8

Once players have reached the respective tier by increasing their ranks, they will unlock those rewards. Besides, there are still unique rewards at the end of the season. The unique rewards will be sent to players based on the highest tier they have obtained in the whole season. Check out the rewards at the end of Season 8:

  • Bronze Crate for Bronze V to Bronze I
  • Silver Crate for Silver V to Silver I
  • Gold Crate for Gold V to Gold I
  • Platinum Crate for Platinum V to Platinum I
  • Diamond Crate for Diamond V to Diamond I
  • Crown Crate for Crown V to Crown I
  • Ace Crate for Ace
  • Conqueror Crate for Conqueror

How can players download PUBG Mobile Lite Season 8?

So, to have PUBG Mobile Lite Season 8 update on your device, please follow the steps below to get it:

  1. Visit the official site of PUBG Mobile Lite
  2. There are two ways to download the game: either select the Download button to get the game with the APK file or get it from the Google Play store.
  3. Wait for the download to be complete and then follow the instructions to install the game on your device.
  4. Launch the game on your device then enjoy it!
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