Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite and How to run it

It has been weeks since PUBG Mobile Lite was released in India and eventually Tencent has added some new functions to the game you like. Amongst those items, Winner Pass also appears and it is similar to Royale Pass in PUBG or PUBG Mobile. In other words, Winner Pass follows the identical format as Royale Pass on PUBG Mobile. However, it will only present rank going up to Level 30.

At the moment, the latest PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12 has officially been kicked off. It is the update that has brought the Season 12 Winner Pass into the game. PUBG Mobile Lite’s Season 12 started on 1st May 2020. It will be obtainable for around a month.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass

We will explain all of the questions about Winner Pass of PUBG Mobile Lite, what they bring back, and what the reward will belong to you after you finish your job. Remember to follow everything for more details about Winner Pass!

What is PUBG Mobile Lite: Winner Pass?

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass will be launched seasonally and they allow gamers to earn more Battle Coins (BC), occupy a better spot on the rankings, together with missions and challenges not existing before. The highest position on Winner Pass will be 30 and they are not as same as what you have ever seen in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or its original mobile version that can let you rank up to 100 on Royale Pass.

Winner Pass card types found in PUBG Mobile Lite

Winner Pass has 3 types of variants in the lighter edition of PUBG Mobile. The first one is a Free Pass. Next, we have the Elite and Elite Plus Passes. Both of these cards can be purchased with BC. You should save enough 300 Battle Coins to buy an Elite Pass Winner and 2700-80 BC to acquire an Elite Plus Winner Pass.

BC will show you how to use Winner Pass. It can be bought through the in-game shop. Meanwhile, the Free Winner Pass will open up stuff until Level 15 whilst the other two upgrades can offer something until Level 30.

Rewards for players completing quests

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12 Winner Pass will give you special objects such as Prisoner Outfit, Portable Closet, Skull and Flower plane finish, a rename card, Pan Skin, Smiley Parachute, Witherer AKM Skin, and so on (comprising Battle Coins).

If you buy Elite and Elite Plus Winner Pass, you will be given 1,000 BC and 3,000 BC after the purchase is completed. Elite Plus Winner Pass will supply more Elite missions and more rewards consisting of a 10-rank boost, unique costumes.

Some updates about PUBG Mobile Lite

Just a few days ago, PUBG Mobile Lite Download game dominated the top spot of the list of free games with the number of downloads on the Google Play rankings.

To those who love BATTLEGROUNDS, especially persons have a low-end mobile device, they can easily entertain themselves with PUBG Mobile Lite. In fact, it is formed with the advanced Unreal Engine 4 and it only occupies 400 MB to install. It is shaped to run smoothly even on smartphones with 2 GB. In general, they can turn the game into a perfect download on Android phones at a reasonable price.

It’s currently available for all to experience PUBG Mobile Lite: Winner Pass! It is ready to distribute completely different objectives to everybody! Shall you prepare well to take part in the arena and conquer every difficulty? Keep in mind that plenty of amazing perks are waiting for you ahead! Attempt to build up your inventory with rare rewards! Good luck!

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