PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 is a weapon that has just been released in the latest version 1.9 beta. Will it become one of the top choices of gamers worldwide? First, let’s find out the basic parameters as well as the advantages of this gun before giving an exact answer.

As usual, PUBG mobile update always appears in new weapons with many significant improvements. The publisher knows how to give players something new, this time with a new weapon called SPAS’12. Although it appeared a long time ago, now this weapon is complete and ready to fight in the world’s largest survival arena.

Review and feel the overview of PUBG Mobile SPAS’12

SPAS'12 new weapons in version 1.9
SPAS’12 new weapons in version 1.9

According to the introduction from the publisher, SPAS’12 is an acronym for Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun. This is a weapon with a special mode of operation, including two firing modes: semi-automatic and sliding barrel. This shotgun will still use the same 12-Gauge ammunition as a previous shotgun to make it easier for players to find ammunition.

Damage has a good version, many improvements

PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 NEW Shotgun has a relatively new firing mechanism compared to other comparable weapons. In each shot, this gun will launch 9 bullets at the same time, the amount of damage will depend on the number of bullets hitting the target.

Furthermore, the distance between you and the target or the target’s body part are also major influencing factors. According to some test videos, the damage of the gun now in the ideal distance is 24HP/shot. Of course, this number will decrease with geographical distance, so it will be difficult to calculate its damage.

Besides, if the opponent owns high-level spears, you will need more accurate shots to defeat them. Overall, PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 has improved in many aspects that will certainly not disappoint you.

PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 and best use range

Shotgun use close range with high damage
Shotgun use close range with high damage

SPAS’12 is a shotgun, so its optimal damage range is 50 meters. When you use it for further sniping purposes, the amount of damage will reduce, making it difficult to accurately shoot the target. Therefore, you should use it in close-range confrontations and react quickly to defeat the opponent.

Note, you should not overuse SPAS’12 for shooting situations at a distance of more than 50 meters. We believe you will waste your ammo because the bullets fired from this gun will not reach the target. Instead, use sniper rifles for long distances to properly play their role.

Firing rate and reload time have changed

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, SPAS’12 will have two firing modes with different firing rates. In semi-automatic mode, its speed is higher than the common ground with more than 300 rounds that can be fired per minute. The SPAS’12’s reloading process is quite fast, it contains 7 rounds per load.

Accessories are not supported

Although there are many new weapons in PUBG Mobile that support accessories during combat, SPAS’12 is the opposite. You cannot use the muzzle or ring to help this gun increase damage and accuracy. Everything in this gun is the default, you can only use its main functions when fighting.

Don’t worry too much, with specific advantages, we believe that SPAS’12 will still be the optimal shotgun choice in PUBG Mobile 1.9. Compared with other short guns, this gun possesses many powerful upgrade points and has high parameters. Try using SPAS’12 to get the most overview of it.

Hopefully, the article about PUBG Mobile SPAS’12 will help you better understand the working mechanism as well as the advantages of this new weapon. The latest information about PUBG Mobile will also be regularly updated by us on this website, which you can visit at any time.

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