Welcome to PUBG: New State, the newest game in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds series. It is developed by Krafton and PUBG Studios and released on November 11, 2021. Currently, this game is available on Google Play and App Store to download for free on any mobile device. It is considered a new generation survival game, possessing the most advanced graphics and the largest community of gamers. So, if you are a fan of PUBG, you definitely can’t miss it.

PUBG: New State – one of the hottest PUBG news today

The PUBG survival game series has become a legend in the field of mobile games when it has a huge community of gamers. To meet the expectations of fans, this series of games has continuously made important changes in the last few years. However, the hottest news right now is probably the launch of PUBG: New State, the new generation survival game released by Krafton. It is a mobile version of the game with classic survival role-playing gameplay and a high-end graphics platform. Therefore, the appearance of this game seems to become the focus of the media in the field of mobile games.

The PUBG: New State project has been talked about for several months before its official launch date. However, until now, only players can enjoy the flawless beauty of the surreal graphics that this game has long cherished. This game has achieved great achievements before its launch, reaching more than 55 million pre-registrants. And now, after more than 1 day of launch, it has quickly owned more than 10 million installs on Google Play. These are the achievements that any game publisher dreams of, so they will impress you.

The classic survival gameplay is back on a new platform

PUBG New State APK is a great experience that gamers who love the survival genre cannot miss. Join the game, you will become one of 100 players participating in a reluctant survival battle. You must fight to be the last survivor and claim the title of best survivor. This is familiar gameplay that anyone knows through games in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds series, like PUBG Mobile. Therefore, it is very easy to approach the game from the first experience, even for new players.

However, you can realize the new differences of PUBG New State compared to its predecessors. That is, it will be more fierce when set in the future with dozens of the most advanced weapons and vehicles. It will make the matches more engaging and tactical. Therefore, it requires gamers to fight carefully if they want to survive longer and win the long war.

New Team Mode and Matching Features in PUBG: New State

Just like the old games, you can team up with up to 4 people to join the battles in PUBG: New State. However, in this new game, you can find and match new teammates from enemies after defeating them. It is up to you to decide whether to let someone survive and join the team or not. And vice versa, you can ask someone else’s permission to join their team by “raise your hand”. This is a very new feature and has never been seen in any previous game of the original PUBG.

Add new members to the team right in the battle
Add new members to the team right in the battle

This new feature is considered to change a lot of players’ tactical plans. Because now you will have more chances to stay alive and continue the match instead of just one like before. Besides, it also creates new connectivity to create opportunities for all players in the world to interact. Anyone can be friends even if they were enemies before, which is great.

Modern weapons and vehicles that define the next-generation PUBG

With a futuristic setting, this game will bring the most advanced weapon systems and vehicles. The ideas in PUBG: New State for PC seem to be available in this mobile version as well. Accordingly, you can find familiar weapons such as Scar-L, Vector, M416, smoke bombs, grenades … Besides, typical tools and equipment such as energy drinks, first aid boxes, bandages, armor, hats, backpacks, and gun accessories are also available.

In addition to the familiar, you can also find many new vehicles such as electric trains, drones, new generation racing cars, etc. They have a fresh look and great capacity for long trips. So you can feel a significant upgrade in PUBG: New State, creating conditions for explosive survival battles.

New maps and surreal graphics

This time, PUBG’s latest game decided to change the original map with a series of important changes. Therefore, you will find new contexts with fancy architecture rendered on the basis of surreal 3D graphics. Thanks to that, the game map also becomes more novel, making you have to recalculate the old tactical plans to adapt.

In addition, this game also has innovation in character design. It brings new images with looks, expressions, and actions close to reality. Therefore, it increases the real feeling of gamers every time they role-play, creating a more vivid experience than ever before.

PUBG: New State release date and how to get it free

So, with the above introductions, you are probably very excited about PUBG: New State. But you don’t have to wait any more seconds because this game is available on most online game apps after 11/11. Currently, you can get the game by visiting Google Play, App Store, or right here. Downloading and installing the game is free for all mobiles, including Android and iOS. So, are you ready for new survival battles in the modern context of the new generation PUBG game?

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