Besides the original version, the PUBG lite game also attracts many gamers who like to experience combat on lower devices. gathers the files you need, post the news you might want to read about the game and update features.

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Terms of Use on is not the official Site for the PUBG game, but we got a high-quality app and followed the news closely.

We have the resources you need to get PUBG lite, such as PUBG Lite APK as well as PUBG Lite download in-app. Whatever it is, you approach the same content and agree to the same terms once downloading.

The game will include a complete lite version as well as the advertisement. We will display ads in different ways, such as videos, texts, links, pop-ups, and more.

The content will not affect the game’s size, and you can remove them by clicking remove ads on the screen.

Once you have the file and install it, our website will record your history using your network’s information. The gameplay always needs stable Internet, which we use for tracking your data.

The ad content will respond to your demand and search recently, which we collect from our analysis. It’s essential for you to aware and accepts this act since the service on the Site is free, and we benefit from those ads. Your contribution is to keep the Site alive.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy quotes what data we will collect from users and what we use those data for. Also, this act is to help us in managing and conducting better service day by day.

Agreeing to the Privacy Policy is one of the steps to consent to the Terms of Use. We need users to comprehend it carefully before using any services on the Site, for your good and long-term relationship between users and the Site.

Also, the Privacy Policy will include the legislation about Cookies and extra data relating to the gameplay that we find it important for every User to know in advance.

User’s license

Even though we are not the developer of the game, we have the right to possess the files and contents published on the website.

The Site and the software belonging to us are under the defense of copyrighted laws. Therefore, we prohibit any actions arbitrarily to images or any other content from this Site.

However, User can access and download information on the Site for free for the whole life, including acquiring information about You need to be the one who takes responsibility for any activities and agreements you conduct here.

Install and Uninstall PUBG lite

We have both mobile and APK files that carry the same content as PUBG lite. Installing them should encounter no problems. And again, once you accept the files, you agree to our Terms of Use attached to the gameplay.

When you want to uninstall the app, our has a concrete guide to thoroughly help you do it.

Even people who play PUBG online with google extension can disable the game at any time. You can easily remove traces but using the setting on Google.

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Game update

Users don’t have to re-download the game when an updated version comes out. The software will update itself using our detecting program. The program is automatic, but you can disable it if you like the old version better on your device.